Selected Publications

[1] M. Armano et. al., Analysis of the accuracy of actuation electronics in the laser interferometer space antenna pathfinder, Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 045003 (2020)

[2] M. Armano et. al., Capacitive sensing of test mass motion with nanometer precision over millimeter-wide sensing gaps for space-borne gravitational reference sensors, Phys. Rev. D 96, 062004, 2017

[3] Davor Mance, Ph.D Thesis, Development of Electronic System for Sensing and Actuation of Test Mass of the Inertial Sensor LISA, 2012

[4] Li Gan, Davor Mance and Peter Zweifel, LTP IS FEE sensing channel: front-end modeling and symmetry adjustment method, IEEE Sensors Journal, in press, 2011

[5] Li Gan, Davor Mance and Peter Zweifel, Actuation to sensing crosstalk investigation in the inertial sensor front-end electronics of the laser interferometer space antenna pathfinder satellite, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Volume 167, Issue 2, 574-580, June 2011

[6] Davor Mance, Li Gan, Bill Weber, Franz Weber and Peter Zweifel, Actuation stability test of the LISA pathfinder intertial sensor front-end electronics, Proceedings of the 38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, July 2010

Selected Presentations

[1] Li Gan, Davor Mance and Peter Zweifel, Inertial Sensor Front-End Electronics for LISA Pathfinder, SPSC Graz, Austria, 2010
[2] Davor Mance, SEIS ExoMars Seismometers for Planetary Exploration, FESB Split, Croatia, 2009
[3] Davor, Mance, LPF Experiment Towards Detection of Gravitational Waves, FESB Split, Croatia, 2009
[4] Davor Mance, AEIL Group Projects Introduction, Technopark Zürich, Switzerland, 2003